Mick Flannery @ St Davids Church, Naas

photography by lucytakesphotos. review featured previously on the ceol collective page.

Last night’s sold out show in St David’s Church, Naas proved to be the perfect setting for a chilled out gig with a friendly crowd ready to listen. Not just fans, but people interested in music and going to gigs. ¬†Sive started the night off, a local musician who really supports music in Naas , she’s played at numerous live events in the area including the Middle Earth Music Club, Moat Theatre festival, as well as featuring in Dingles famous church for RTE Other Voices. Opening with ‘If I had a home to go to’¬† her captivating pure voice and a song about a squeaky toy (yet to be named!) really won everyone over.

It is well known that Mick Flannery has a reputation for being a grumpy ole sod- far from it, his pre song anecdotes had everyone giggling and relaxed, he even managed to find out who had brought drink to the gig!

Mick clearly wears his Tom Waits influence on his sleeve but with his new songs you can tell he is getting away from that and is settling into his own style. On first impressions his songs invoke romantic, emotional and dark feelings although listening to his stories and lyrics I get the feeling Mick doesn’t want us to be sad! I came away with a warm and cosy buzz and I really enjoyed the gig.

17 April 2015


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